The JDO Global Collaboration Program is a unique long-term integrative model that pairs classrooms (students ages 8-14 years) from around the world. JDO facilitates collaboration through the innovative and creative use of technology. Our model focuses on guided ongoing support to ensure successful global collaboration experiences. It consists of the following key support elements:


JDO provides technology on a 3:1 basis, as needed, to participating partner classes.


JDO provides online university certified professional development courses as well as live training, workshops, and JDO conference opportunities. JDO trains partner teachers to utilize and integrate technology into the classroom so that it is an effective collaboration tool.


JDO pairs partner teachers from around the world and facilitates teacher planning to identify co-curricular collaborative lessons and projects that are integrated into the teacher's learning plan and goals for the school year. Student collaboration occurs weekly via written communication and monthly via live video interactions.


JDO provides a hands-on coaching support system for global partner teachers. Each participating partner teacher pair is assigned a coach to guide and facilitate planning and collaboration throughout the school year. This enables JDO to support teachers in a personal way and foster their development and success.

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The teacher and student friendships that develop through our program transcend geographic, socioeconomic, 

and religious parameters. We educate students to be global citizens!