Global Collaboration

JDO’s Global Partnership Program pairs classrooms (students ages 8-14 years) from around the world and facilitates collaboration through the innovative and creative use of technology. 


Teachers build co-curricular lesson plans with their international partner colleagues.  Students collaborate weekly through email and blog and monthly in a live setting.  These friendships transcend geographic, socioeconomic, and religious parameters and educate students to be global citizens. 


JDO currently partners with 64 schools located throughout the U.S., England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Croatia, Poland, Bangladesh, and India.   These partnerships have enabled over 3,200 students to successfully collaborate with international peers while in their classroom setting.


Global Partners


Become a Partner

JDO understands that it is the teachers that make our program a success.  Their commitment to communicating with partner teachers across the globe and collaborating on co-curricular topics is required for participation and must be integrated into the teacher's learning plan and goals for the school year.  All interested teachers must complete the application below:

JDO is willing to provide 1:1 technology to each student/class accepted into our partnership program.  We believe that 1:1 technology is the most effective way to facilitate global collaboration and are committed to assisting participating classes in achieving this goal through technology, program support, and professional development.  


Acceptance into this program requires a three-year commitment and has the following annual expectations:

1.  Each partner school must ensure that they have a minimum bandwidth of 50mbps.  This bandwidth is essential for effective online communication between international partner classes.


2.  Each partner school must approve the formation and use of student gmail accounts.  JDO can assist in this email formation and the JDO domain can be used if desired by the school.  A JDO Parental Release Form for Emails is available for modification and use by school if needed.


3. Partner teachers commit to annual curriculum planning with partner teacher to identify co-curricular topics conducive to student communication and collaboration.


4. Partner teachers commit to submission of a synopsis of monthly plan for collaboration by the 5th of each working month. Working months include the following:  Oct., Nov., Jan., Feb., March, and April.  Collaborative projects can cover more than one month.


5. Partner teachers commit to weekly communication among students. This may occur through email, blog, Google Docs/Slides/Forms, other.


6. Partner teachers commit to monthly live communication/collaboration. This may occur through Google Hangout, Face time, Skype, WebEx, other.


7. Partner teachers commit to monthly sharing of a video demonstrating live collaboration among students/classes.


8. Partner teachers commit to an End of Year Posting of at least one excellent project/product of choice by the end of May each year.


9. Partner teachers are required to complete three (2 hour) Professional Development modules or workshops each year.  These modules and workshops will be available online for self-paced completion.  JDO’s Digital Citizenship module and Student Collaboration- Project Based Learning module must be completed within 1 month of partnership approval.


Resources for Global Teachers