Collaborative Showcase

Getting to Know You -

Building Community

Creating relationships and caring about others is what helps to create strong communities. It is vital for our students to spend time getting to know their new international partners to share common attitudes, interests, and goals.

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Traveling Story Lesson

This lesson is designed for classes where technology is limited and must be shared among several students. Global collaboration groups of 4-6 students will begin with a story starter.  The story is then passed from student to student within the group in order to develop a finished product.

Rocks, Paper Scissors - Probability

Versions of this hand game have been played around the world for thousands of years.  Now we will play it from different parts of the world and learn about probability and fair game along the way.

Our World's Fresh Water

This lesson uses the National Geographic Resource: Why Care About Water and the Classes use these resources to have a meaningful discussion about fresh water in their location. It is an opportunity for classes that have difficulty negotiating synchronous communication to have a meaningful collaboration.

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