The JDO Foundation is an educational non-profit foundation located in Littleton, Colorado-U.S.  Our mission is to provide an enriched educational experience for U.S. and international classrooms (students aged 8-14 years) by providing state of the art technologies if needed, and professional training to the educators managing these technologies. JDO facilitates global collaboration among partner schools to enable students to be accomplished, well-informed digital citizens.  

The JDO Global Partnership Program matches international partner teachers and provides a framework to build co-curricular lesson plans that will inspire creative and innovative collaborative learning experiences for students.  Students collaborate weekly through email and Google Classroom; they also connect monthly in a live setting.  


The JDO Global Partnership Program for collaboration currently includes 75 partner schools worldwide and impacts over 4,200 students!  Our partner schools are currently located in the U.S., Iceland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Poland, Uganda, Ghana, and India. 


JDO offers the following opportunities to our partner schools.  The level of support is determined based on specific program involvement and school need. 


  • 3:1 Technology for Teachers and Students

  • Infrastructure Software/Hardware Support

  • Mobile Device Management

  • College Certified Professional Development

  • Global Collaboration Class Pairings

  • Personal Training and Guided Coach Support


JDO is also proud to support a Developing World Partnership Program for schools in countries that have limited access to electricity, bandwidth, and technology.  This program focuses on intensive teacher training and support to guide participating classes through opportunities for limited interactions conducive to their environmental capabilities.